‘New’ Is A Word of Success, Always #Lookup for Something New!

Daily we face new changes. Sometimes the changes inspire us, someday it frustrates us. When it frustrates us we #lookup for new miracles to happen and #StartANewLife. Revelation is very important but not all the time. Sometimes we do plenty of hard work to earn. I see there are many people who born without luck. Though I never believed in the luck. Luck is for the people who born with the golden spoon in their mouth to enjoy life in an easy way. Most of us are not that lucky.

I always believed in the hard work to achieving my goals. But that is also true people born with luck do not hard work? Here people do error understanding the difference between good and evil.

Luck is not for all, it’s true. But even the luckiest person needs to do the hard work to achieve the luck. There is nothing without hard work. The old proverb, it’s very true that “you shall never stop trying”. The day you stop trying hard, you will fall down. Work hard, don’t stop, run every morning and concentrate on boosting up your energy level. If you are one of the lucky guys, then the success will be at your feet.

We shall not run after success if we are doing the right things. People do the right things, success follows their path. It’s a vis-a-vis relation. Be positive. In my life twice I faced big decisions.

The first, when I came out from home for the first time to study in the university. It was my decision to stay at the hostel and five years I stayed at the hostel. I completed the Bachelor followed by the Masters. I cannot forget my first three months when I was struggled at the hostel to get settled with my roommate, seniors, and classmates. When I completed my degrees, the five years I was feeling passed like five days. Finally, I left the hostel. I felt like I loved that place more than my home. It was a very nostalgic moment in my life, unforgettable.

The second, when I came out of my home after my marriage. I belong to the Eastern India, and I got married in the Southern India. The time my parents in laws came to see me they asked only one question. “Are you ready to relocate in Bangalore?” I took one week to think and finalise my decision. It was YES! Selecting a life partner and decide to live the lifetime. This is not very easy for anyone. I left Kolkata and came to Bangalore.

When we talk about #StartANewLife, that remains incomplete without a house. There are thousands of real estate companies in Bangalore, whom we shall trust, whom to avoid. Perhaps we think too much of taking this valuable decision because money cannot be earned without working hard. You must visit the website https://housing.com/ and talk to them before purchasing any property.

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Get Together and Enjoy Fika.

In life there are so many moments that we cannot forget. The life cannot be live alone. Getting together with a friend, parents, grand-parents, spouse, neighbour and colleagues all have special significance. We perform our roles and as well sometime we do mistakes, we learn new things, we start liking new people, and we respect them for lifetime. There are many incidents but specially five lifetime experience I want to share with all.
1. Graduation Days: 
The day I took admission at the Rabindra Bharati University in Kolkata, the first thing it came to my mind, how I will get settled in the hostel? Never before I was away from my home. The comfort at home is always the best. I was afraid of living out of the home. But it was also a challenge that the first time I left my parents. When I came to hostel and get together with friends who came from the farthest lands like Nagaland, Mizoram, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan, I realised that I am lucky enough that the university was not more than 60 KM distance from my home. I truly never realised in my five years at the hostel that I am away from my parents. Every year during vacations, when I come back at my home it was more adorable. I enjoyed every vacation when I got together with my family.
 2. Marriage: 
Selecting a life partner and decide to live the lifetime. This is not very easy for anyone. I am lucky to get #together with my life partner. I left Kolkata and came to Bangalore. Get #together changed my living status. From East India I became the part of South India.
3. My Daughter:
After three years of our marriage, now I have a two years old daughter. Her name is Aayushi Roy and she is a happy child. When I was pregnant and I was for the first time so scared. It was my mother in laws, my mother, my father in laws, my father, and husband all gave me the strength to bring her in the light without any fear. The Journey of life was never so adventurous without the support from the family members.
4. Travel to Europe: 
After my daughter, in 2014 we went to Sweden. We stayed there for seven months and I was lucky to travel the North Western part of Europe. We travelled Norway, Latvia, Riga, Finland and Sweden. Fika we shared #together every morning and evening, the snow falls, seashores, sunsets all remain a memorable time for us.
5. First Housing:
When we talk about the happiness in our life, that cannot be complete without a house. There are thousands of real estate companies in every city, whom we shall trust, whom to avoid. Perhaps we think too much taking this valuable decision because we earn money working hard. You must visit the website https://housing.com/ and talk to them before purchasing any property.

What’s life without a dream? #lookup

In our social relations, both friendships and love affairs, one must always respect fundamental rules. The one’s who establishes the difference in our living. Hence to proceed with the right amount of discretion, avoiding difficulties and paving the way for success. Passion and dream both are the components of success, you put them together in a mixture grinder and once they mixed nicely we reach our goal.

Housing #lookup OOH Ad at Banashankari Temple

Housing #lookup OOH Ad at Banashankari Temple

India is getting highly populated, it’s the second largest populace in the world. I have a family, a nuclear family of three. We need to think about our children and their bright future. We shall take care of their, happiness, education and nutrition. That’s what demands a child to grow up in a lively atmosphere. Only education cannot build a child the leader for tomorrow. Parently guidance, friendly living, and being part of an obstacle free social community can activate their super powers. Care, love and motivation from the parents all can be given.

Is that only good education can secure your child?

Can all dreams may become true without having a house?
I stay in a rented house in Bangalore, I have dreams to get my own house one day. I have a two years old child and she needs her own play space, living and study room in the future.

Once I lookup to my darling daughter, we both share so many happy moments together. Like every single parents, I worried about her future. There are plenty of real estate and housing companies in every city. Bangalore is not an exception. I read newspapers, watch TV news and listen to my friends who had unsatisfactory experience of being cheated by developers. Housing of your own is not so easy. You earn money, you work hard, you want to fulfil your dream. But how it’s possible without a developer you can trust. Here comes the company which you can trust https://housing.com/lookup. The future cannot be bright if you don’t have a better plan and you need to trust housing.com to enlighten your dreams, that can come true. After all, there is no such place like HOME.

Dream does not matter how big or small, Credit : Bidisha Roy Photography

Dream does not matter how big or small, Credit : Bidisha Roy Photography

Still I hope you need more clarification about housing.com. Visit the link and know better about their projects, how they are different from the others. Yes, indeed I don’t like to misguide any readers. Its time to experience the change. And if you never try you never know. Only I can suggest that don’t be lame or don’t scare about a bad experience before. Housing.com is a company who are selling dreams and philosophy, they are not a Tom, Dick or Harry you may be met before. Wishing all the best and don’t forget to contact https://housing.com/lookup and plan your bright future.

A Young Tintin Fan at Our Home

We have a very young Tintin Fan at home. She is 2 years old. She watched all the 21 episodes of The Adventures of Tintin. She says, “Tompson n’ Tompson” instead of Thompson and Thompson. She hides her face under the pillow if Snowy is in danger. She kisses and try to catch running Tintin and Snowy. She says, “Little… little doggy, puchkey doggy.” During her daily meals and before sleeping she wants to watch some specific part from three of the episodes.

1st. The Black Island, S01E11, Part 2, 1991: 

She watches Ranko, the trainned gorilla attacked Tintin and Snowy, like she is present at the spot.

2nd. Tintin in Tibet, S02E07, Part 2, 1991:

In Tintin in Tibet she likes the story of Tintin rescuing his young Chinese friend Chang, and asks about the mysterious Yeti. She says, “Yeti is good, he gave buiscuites to Chang to survive. One day she wants to meet Yeti and say thanks for helping Chang.”

3rd. Tintin and the Picaros, S02E09, Part2,1991:

Surprisingly here what she understands in her age is bit interesting. She likes the Picaros and their political approach. She says to General Alcazar’s domineering wife “Yes, my doll”. She says, “Tompson n’ Tompson are good guys, so they don’t deserve to be executed.” During this episode, perhaps its better if no eye blink happen. She sat like a wax statue during this video.

Note: Particularly there are 21 episodes of The Adventures of Tintin out of 24 Books. It is surprising to say the creation of Hergé’s Tintin is such a beauty that from 2 years old to 100 years oldest, all will find the best interest. I personally read Tintin when I was a teenager and I cannot forget; six comics I had in my collection. I became fortunate to watch all 21 episodes because of my 2 years old daughter and her extrem interest found in watching and enjoying Tintin. She can tell all the names of The Adventures of Tintin characters just having a glance. Wish all the kids watch them and learn the fearless honesty of Tintin’s character. Long live Tintin, long live Hergé!

You can visit Tintin bookstore at Landmark, Orion Mall, Bangalore. You will get all the comics available there.

You can visit Tintin bookstore at Landmark, Orion Mall, Bangalore. You will get all the comics available there.

Photo on 01-04-15 at 8.57 pm #3

My two years old daughter watching Tintin in a Laptop

The Lucky Feng Shui

In Feng Shui the money plant is one of the lucky charm for begining a day to earn good money. I wonder if its true. I planted one in my balcony so does I painted it on paper. Wish all get some luck.  You can plant on your desktop or mobile as wallpaper and follow the luck.

Wish all the best! 🙂

Name; Money Plant Medium: Water Colour on Paper by Bidisha Roy

Name; Money Plant Medium: Water Colour on Paper by Bidisha Roy

My Favourite Holi Festival

Holi is a game of colours. I love this festival more than anything in my life. This year and every year I want to play Holi and enjoy colourful moments.

Life is mixed-up of colours. The variety of colours, every colour has a meaning. Colours signify special occasions, love, sadness, happiness, cheerfulness, and so far. I celebrate Holi festival with my devotion to Lord Krishna and the Indian tradition. In respect of God and his celebration with colour and fun, it makes my day.

Wish my daughter learns all about our age-old traditions, values and respect them. Respecting Indian traditions is a way to betterment in life. I travelled so many lands, met so many people. I see the blindness among the modern Indians about their culture and traditions. Indeed, it is a shame when foreigners graduated from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard University are researching, and respecting our history but my poor Indian modern brothers and sisters are drinking alcohol and breaking the rules in the same-day. Wish all understand what I am trying to put here in words. It’s a pennyless suggestion and wish all the very best to beautiful next generation.

Tua in Holi

Tua playing with colours in Holi